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Llangollen Wild Whitewater for 2 Gift Voucher

Llangollen Wild Whitewater for 2 Gift Voucher

As it flows towards Llangollen the River Dee narrows and steepens, creating awesome rapids. Paddling these in a kayak makes for an exceptional adventure. In normal circumstances, kayaking on this section of the river would be an undertaking for experienced kayakers only.  But thanks to the quality of our equipment and the expertise of our staff, exploration in this wild and beautiful river is now possible for anyone. 

In the course of this trip you'll meet our instructors at the river, where you will be given your equipment, quality instruction and plenty of opportunities to practice and play on the water under our careful guidance. We'll go for a journey through natural rapids and give you the best experience of white water kayaking that we know how to deliver! By the end you'll know a bit more about river kayaking, and have paddled white water rapids in your own boat! 


This trip involves kayaking on white water up to grade 3 and repeatedly walking over uneven and slippery ground. 


This product is a gift voucher! The bearer should contact us to arrange their trip for 2 people. If you'd like us to create a bespoke voucher for a larger group, please get in touch directly.

Participants should be at least 12years old and accompanied with a legal parent if under the age of 18. 

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