Tuition: River Kayaking 101

If you've tried rafting or kayaking before and are looking to go into the sport a little deeper, River Kayaking 101 could be the thing for you! This is a 4 week course with lessons that aim to give you the tools you need to start creating your own river adventures. Lessons take place at the same time each week at a range of locations all over the River Dee across Wales and England.


This course aims to build hard skills in:

  - Paddle skills and boat control

  - Self and team rescue

  - Reading moving water

  - Staying in control in through changing currents

We will also look at the soft skills of:

  - Planning safe river trips 

  - Team work on the water

  - How to plan and carry out the descent of a rapid. 


 Our instructors are highly trained and experienced, and our boats combine unbeatable stability with playfulness and comfort, making this the best possible introduction to whitewater river kayaking adventures. 

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