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White Water Kayaking Trips

Looking for an exciting new way to get out and experience Britain's wilderness? Dee River Kayaking offers you the best chance to dip your toe in to a sport that is fun, challenging, and madly addictive!

White water kayaking trips take place on spots on the river that fit in to the white water classification grades 1-3. The grading system goes up to 6, but these are the only ones you need to know about for now.

  • Grade 1 is generally flowing but not particularly turbulent.

  • Grade 2 has some turbulent spots for excitement and fun.

  • Grade 3 is where the whole channel is generally turbulent with plenty of waves for the thrill seeker. 


Trips may be marketed at a certain grade, but generally a whitewater kayaking experience will be based on grades 1 and 2 with a potential option to try a grade 3 rapid if everyone is keen. The best way to guarantee to get the exact trip style that fits with your ultimate dream is to book out a private trip! Otherwise, open trips are a great way to enjoy a Dee River Kayaking tour, and to socialise with people you may not have met before. 

Our instructors are highly trained and experienced, and our boats combine unbeatable stability with playfulness and comfort, making this the best possible introduction to whitewater river kayaking adventures. 

Book a Whitewater Adventure

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