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Nature Spotting

Join us for a peaceful paddle on the River Dee upstream from Chester. We'll give you all the top tips you need to control your boat, or jump in a tandem with you. Together, we'll paddle up river on the look-out for Herons, Kingfishers and leaping fish, whilst just enjoying being out on the water.  

After a short paddle out of town we will arrive at an area where all you can see is the trees and the river in front of you with no trace of humanity to be seen.  

The river is always teaming with life and there is no better way to appreciate it than from one of our kayaks. This means you're sure to see life out on the water whichever tour you go for.

Please note:

All of our Chester based trips launch from Sandy Lane Park.  This is a mobile operation that does not have a centre building. This means that we launch from a public space, and use a public toilet facility. For changing, we recommend all customers come in the outfit they'd like to wear on the water and bring an XL towel or changing robe to allow them to change out of their wet clothes afterwards. 

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