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Mission Statement

Make river exploration accessible for all

Kayaking can be a challenge but is also a physical leveller. You don't have to be fit to control a boat or particularly strong. No matter where you are with your physical abilities, you should be able to enjoy river paddling in a way that is fun and challenging in the right balance. Getting out on the water is great for your mental and physical health, and the opportunity to partake should be denied to nobody.

Grow the sport of kayaking

Help people gain confidence on river environments so they can become safe recreational paddlers in their own right.

Encourage passion for our natural environment

Britain has an incredible natural heritage, and we need to wake up, explore and cherish what is right in front of our nose! Through Dee River Kayaking's activities, we hope to make a potential outdoor advocate of everyone who passes through.

About the Dee

 The Dee is the perfect river to come to for your first kayaking adventures.  As the river winds its way from its source in the heart of Snowdonia, to its mouth where it flows into Liverpool Bay, this river navigates great lakes, beautiful meandering flats, man-made waterfalls, and natural rapids from whitewater grade 1 to grade 4.  A feast for the nature hungry adventurer, this river has it all! We can give you all the tips, knowledge and experience you need to begin to really get the most out of your time on the water. 

We have two bases. Calm Water activities take place in the city of Chester, where the River Dee meanders a path past the City's famous historic 1st century Roman walls and meets the incoming tide from the Sea. We also use the Chester Weir to run fantastic intro to white water sessions in the middle of the city! For the rest of our White Water activities we go upstream to a variety of spots local to Llangollen in North Wales. Here, the Dee Valley is an amazing taster of what North Wales has to offer for those who love adventure! 


About me


Jamie Greenhalgh

"I began my love affair with river paddling as an early teen, and through the years this obsession has led me to kayak in moving water locations across the globe.  Passion for the sport of kayaking has led to a lifelong mission to grow my knowledge and skill on the water, and to take as many others along for the ride as possible. In 2016 I began as an advanced whitewater kayaking skill development coach with the brand Paddle365. Paddle365 is there to help passionate kayakers to develop their skills so they can have amazing successful river adventures. It isn't enough just to work with athletes and enthusiasts though, I want to help make river paddling accessible to everyone. That is where Dee River Kayaking fits in. 

Here are some other great brands we recommend!

Paddle365 Coaching

Our sister brand, offering professional whitewater kayaking tuition to help improve your adventures!

NRS Europe

NRS Europe makes quality equipment from spray jackets to boats!


This North-Wales based environmental advocacy pressure group made a name for themselves by saving the River Conwy from being bulldozed by money hungry energy companies. SOR can be relied upon to give simple ways to help advocate for our natural waterways.

Surf Ears

SurfEars, earplugs that let sound in and keep water out.

pyranha logo

Pyranha are manufacturers of specialist whitewater kayaks designed by an international team and built in Britain.

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