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British Canoeing Paddle Safer Training

Safety first! having the knowledge and tools to be safer on the river is a crucial step in becoming an more independent paddler and useful member of your paddling team. This 3 hour workshop is aimed at kayakers, canoeist and stand up paddleboarders.

What is covered?
During this workshop we will be looking at:
- Self rescue techniques
- Team rescue techniques
- Craft based rescues and towing
- Equipment and equipment set up
- Dealing with situations

- Planning 

- Environmental considerations


What's included?
- Professional coaching from an experienced and qualified member of staff.

- British Canoeing Paddle Safer Award


What's not included?
- Equipment  (if there is something you don't have please feel free to speak with us to find a solution. Boat/Board Hire is available for £25 per day either through us or an external partner and everything else can be sourced easily- You just have to ask)
- Small parking or facilities fees (venue dependant)

What kit do you need? 
- Boat or stand up paddleboard
- Paddle
- Warm clothes suitable for immersion such as a wetsuit (you will get wet) including closed toe shoes
-  Any safety kit you have that you'd like to see how it works

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