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Private Lessons

Are you wanting to take your first strokes as a kayaker or Stand Up Paddleboarder?  Looking to get confident in your new toy;

Develop trip planning skills; Learn to roll? Whatever your level, grab the chance for tuition with an expert instructor from Dee River Kayaking.


Private lessons give a great chance to give real time feedback and development input to help you take big jumps in your progress. We're able to provide all equipment necessary for these sessions at no extra cost. 


Be sure to bring clothing that will keep you warm and comfortable on the river, plus a change of clothes and a towel! All of our activities require participants to wear closed-toe footwear throughout. It is essential that you bring a spare pair of shoes so that you can wear one on the river and the other on the way home. We can provide EVERYTHING, but let us know if you already have and intend to use any of the following: - Boat - Paddle - Wetsuit,drysuit,cag - Buoyancy aid/Life Jacket - Helmet - Spraydeck 

If you're dedicated to learning to paddle with us, why not check out our Development Plans to see if we have an option that will support your progress long term.  

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