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Kayak Rolling Clinic

Are you already able to roll a kayak and want to get used to doing so on white water? Perhaps you've never even tried but are looking for the starting point? No matter where you're at in your rolling journey, we can help you refine this essential kayaking technique


These one-to-one or private group rolling clinics will offer personalised coaching your roll is based of solid and safe foundations for all your coming adventures.

For those new to rolling we will build your confidence being upside down in your boat, learn the principles of an efficient roll and get to work on making it happen.

For those who can already roll we will assess your current standard and look to improve your existing technique and set challenges to elevate your roll in a safe and controlled manner.


Be sure to bring clothing that will keep you warm and comfortable on and in the river, plus a change of clothes and a towel! All of our activities require participants to wear closed-toe footwear throughout. It is essential that you bring a spare pair of shoes so that you can wear one on the river and the other on the way home.


We can provide EVERYTHING, but you may want to take this lesson in your own boat and equipment so that you feel comfortable rolling n it for the future. If you are going to bring your own kit then just let us know what you will bring and intend to use out of the following:

 Boat - Paddle - Wetsuit,drysuit,cag - Buoyancy aid/Life Jacket - Helmet - Spraydeck 

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