Whitewater KayakingExperience

Whitewater KayakingExperience

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Looking for an exciting new way to get out and experience Britain's wilderness? Want to start on the ladder of progress in a sport that is super fun, challenging, and madly addictive? 

Let us show you what kayaking is all about.


This product is a gift voucher for £55 off the price of a whitewater kayaking experience! The bearer should contact us to arrange their trip. Note that minimum trip size is 2 so the bearer will either need to join an open trip (selected dates throughout the summer), or persuade a friend or two to join! 

  • You Should Bring...

    On a Whitewater Kayaking Experience, please bring a bathing suit to wear beneath your wetsuit, a towel to dry off afterwards, and something warm to jump right into. You will get WET.

    If you've gone for either a Nature Lover's Paddle or a Chester Town Paddle, we recommend you bring a set of warm clothes suitable for watersports activity (Think winter gym kit: no jeans, no cotton T-Shirts), and waterproofs to go over the top. Your boat is unlikely to capsize (unintentionally) on this trip, but water dripping from your paddling action will cause you to have a wet bum at least. 

    All of our activities require participants to wear footwear throughout, so it is recommended that you bring a spare pair of shoes so that you can wear one on the river and the other on the way home. Note flipflops and sliders are not acceptible footwear for our activities. 

  • We Will Provide

    Our Kayaks are the most accessible on the market! They're super stable and fun, high performance inflatable boats made from a high grade material. They give you the freedom to move around and sit however you feel comfortable, while being super easy to control and get up to speed.




    -Life Jackets

    -Top quality, qualified instruction