Kayaking Family & Friends Day (Up to 8 People)

Kayaking Family & Friends Day (Up to 8 People)

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Why not take the time to reconnect with your loved ones whilst connecting with nature and the outdoor world at the same time? Dee River Kayaking can give family and friends paddling groups support to have the best possible time getting out and enjoying being on the water. This is a private session just for your group, so we can be fully flexible and organise it bespoke to your perfect trip. Here's a few ideas of what we can deliver for you:

  • Exciting birthday parties
  • Stag and Hen activities
  • Fun and games watersports sessions
  • Moving water challenges
  • An A to B river adventure
  • Nature spotting and historical tours. ​


Whether its a quiet tour you're after, a gentle introduction to moving river kayaking, a raucous hen/stag, or an exciting birthday party, we can deliver the goods!

  • You Should Bring...

    We recommend you bring a set of warm clothes suitable for watersports activity (Think winter gym kit: no jeans, no cotton T-Shirts), and waterproofs to go over the top. Your boat is unlikely to capsize on this trip, but water dripping from your paddling action will cause you to have a wet bum at least. Be sure to bring a change of clothes for after!

    All of our activities require participants to wear footwear throughout, so it is recommended that you bring a spare pair of shoes so that you can wear one on the river and the other on the way home. Note flipflops and sliders are not acceptible footwear for our activities. 

  • We Will Provide

    -Boats. Our Kayaks are the most accessible on the market! They're super stable and fun, high performance inflatable boats made from a high grade material. They give you the freedom to move around and sit however you feel comfortable, while being super easy to control and get up to speed.




    -Life Jackets

    -Top quality, qualified instruction

  • Terms and Conditions


    We hope to deliver the best possible time on the river for you and your group. This must be based on a mutual understanding of these key points. 

    As a participant you must agree to the following:


    Rules of Engagement

    All clients must have read and understood the Participation Statement. 

    You will follow all instructions given to you by staff. Instructions will always be given for a reason, such as to aid your enjoyment or to promote your safety. Failure to listen to instructions can result in expulsion from an activity. 

    Your instructor reserves the right to expel a client or cancel a session at any time if they suspect the session is becoming or has the potential to become unsafe.  Reasons for this include, but are not limited to: Unruly behaviour or suspected alcohol or substance abuse; or if the medical, psychological or physical condition of a client is considered by the instructor to make their participation in the chosen activity unsafe.  Where possible an alternative activity/solution will be offered to solve the problem if it is reasonable to do so. 

    Please report any suspected injury or negative experience to your instructor at the earliest convenience, ideally before you depart after an activity. This is so that we can record it and continue to work towards making all activities as safe and enjoyable as possible. 


    Cancellation or changes made to a booked trip by Dee River Kayaking.

    The venue for your river trip is chosen as an ideal. If however, weather or water conditions at this venue are deemed unsafe or inappropriate by the instructor, an alternative venue may be chosen on the day of the activity, or the trip may be cancelled. Your Dee River Kayaking Instructor is the only one who can decide this for your trip.

    If a trip is cancelled by us due to unsuitable conditions on the day, we will discuss potential options as to how we can fulfil our commitment to you, either by rescheduling your trip or offering a refund if an alternative arrangement cannot be found.

    If a trip needs to be cancelled by us due to other unforeseeable circumstances, or because a trip has not received sufficient bookings to make it financially viable, we will always try to do this as far in advance as possible, and will always seek to fulfil our commitment to you by rescheduling where possible and refunding where not possible.  

    Please note that any additional expenses paid e.g. travel and accommodation will not be reimbursed in the event of a cancellation. You are advised to hold your own insurance for losses due to cancellation. 


    Booking Cancellation by a client

    It may be that a client needs to cancel their booking. They must make Dee River Kayaking aware of this as soon as possible so that alternative arrangement can be made. When a client cancels a booking the following timescale regarding payment for the booking will be used. 

    •  Cancellation more than 4 weeks before the activity- No fee will be charged.

    • Cancellation 2-4 weeks before the activity- A fee of 30% of the activity cost will be charged.

    • Cancellation less than 14 days before the activity- The whole cost for the activity will be charged.

    If you wish to discuss these cancellation terms, please do so ahead of booking.


    Disclosure of medical conditions and additional needs

    We would like to be as accessible an outfitter as possible, and will always do our very best to accommodate to the physical or medical disadvantages of a participant, but we have to know these first!  Any medical conditions or injuries must be reported at the time of booking, and any changes to these between booking and the activity should be declared before the start of the activity.  These conditions include (but are not limited to) heart conditions, breathing issues, joint problems, vision issues, allergies, asthma, spine/back pain, dizziness and any pre-existing or recent injuries/conditions.  People with disabilities are very welcome on our trips, but should declare their disability at the time of booking, so that if necessary, we can engage in a discussion on any additional preparations that might be required.


    Responsibility for possessions and equipment provided.

    During your activity, you remain responsible for your own personal possessions. Any jewellery or valuables should ideally be left behind. Any vehicles should be parked sensibly and securely. 

    You also will have a responsibility to look after the equipment you are provided with for your activity. Should any damages or losses occur due to a participant’s lack of care or deliberate action, we may seek to recover cost from either yourself or your group. 



    Payment for all individual bookings will be taken in full before commencement of your activity. If for some reason, we have agreed to take payment from an organisation or individual after the activity date, an invoice will be sent with payment expected 30 days from receipt. Be advised that if an invoice becomes overdue it may be necessary for us to charge a payment recovery fee and interest on the owed amount as set out by https://www.gov.uk/late-commercial-payments-interest-debt-recovery/charging-interest-commercial-debt.   

    If you will be unable to pay an invoice on time, please contact us as soon as possible to discuss the matter.



    We will always endeavour to deliver the best possible service for your chosen activity. If for some reason you feel that this has not happened, we would like to know the details of your complaint so that attempt to resolve any ongoing issues and can plan to improve our service. Please contact us directly.

  • Participation Statement

    We strive to create a positive experience for everyone and take steps to ensure that your time with

    us is as safe and enjoyable as possible. However, kayaking is not risk free. Kayaking is an adventurous activity, and like all other adventurous activities, it is based on the pursuit of excitement and satisfaction, which is achieved by taking on a controlled exposure to risk. The same elements that contribute to the unique character and fun of adventure sports, such as the physical challenge and risk factor, also cause a higher than normal exposure to potential dangers. We wish to inform you that kayaking is physically exerting, and takes place in an environment that is potentially hazardous.  In such an environment, accidents can happen without any contributing negligence from Dee River Kayaking or its staff. Choosing to partake in the sport of kayaking necessitates an assumption of risk from the individual.  Neither Dee River Kayaking nor its staff will not be held responsible for personal injury, or for loss or damage to personal property that arises from participation in adventurous activities. Finally, these activities are based on challenge by choice. Participants will be presented with challenges over the course of a river kayaking session. It is their choice as to whether to take them up. You are advised to hold your own insurance for personal injury and third party liability. 


Dee River Kayaking is based in Chester. Calm Water Activities take place in Chester, England. White Water Activities take place in Llangollen, North Wales. 


Dee River Kayaking is a trading name of Jamie Greenhalgh Coaching

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