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Spring Saver Kayaking -Low cost trips. Same high standard. It's time to come out of hibernation.

Introducing our Spring Saver Kayaking trips! These 90 minute kayaking sessions will run on selected Wednesday, Thursdays and Saturdays through March 2023. It's Spring time and that means it's time to get back on the water. Not only will they be great fun, but also a bargain. We want this opportunity to be affordable for as many as possible, so we've price matched it with the cost of the average takeaway Pizza! For this offer only, participants will be charged £12 per person.

These trips will be beginner and family friendly kayaking tours on the River Dee in Chester and our equipment is suitable for participants of all shapes and sizes.

We're here to help you blow away the winter cobwebs and get you out celebrating the natural world from the water. What better way to take in the sights of spring than by kayak? To help you to truly appreciate the natural world on the River Dee, Dee River Kayaking staff will equip you with kayaks, paddles and buoyancy aids and take you out for a fun filled tour of wildlife spotting and wild-life living! The total length of this activity is 90 minutes, inclusive of meet & greet, safety briefings and your kayaking and nature spotting activity. We welcome participants of all abilities and are aged 8 years old or older. First timers are very welcome and will feel reassured by our sturdy (unsinkable?!) kayaks and our patient and friendly river guides. We do ask that any children be accompanied by an adult and those under 10 might be asked to go in a tandem with an adult.

You will need: A full change of clothes! If cool weather is expected, please bring a set of warm clothes suitable for watersports activity (Think winter gym kit: no jeans, no cotton T-Shirts), and waterproofs to go over the top. If very warm weather is expected then swim shorts and a T-shirt is usually fine! Be sure to bring a change of clothes and a towel! Your boat will not capsize on this trip, but water dripping from your paddle will cause you to have a wet bum and legs at least! All of our activities require participants to wear closed-toe footwear throughout, so you should bring a spare pair of shoes to wear on the way home.

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