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Paddling Guidance

Are you eager to get out under your own steam?

These pages are designed to offer guidance on places to paddle, local hints and tips and how to help keep yourselves safe whilst enjoying our beautiful river.  

It's essential that all paddlers acquire the knowledge, skills and equipment necessary to paddle safely. These guides are designed to be helpful to paddlers but can not be used as a replacement to these fundamental requirements.  

To find out more information about safe paddling, consider any or all of these options:

Places to Paddle

When people ask us for information on where to paddle in and around Chester these are the answers we always give. Have a look through and choose your next paddling destination

River Dee from Sandy Lane, Chester

Easy to launch and go. A great spot for both short paddles with the family and longer journeys.

You can even head to the Groves for an ice cream while you're at it .

River Dee from Eccleston, Cheshire

Enjoy the peace and quite of the Cheshire countryside or even journey all the way back to Chester.

If tranquillity is what you're looking for this is the spot.


Paddling on the Chester Weir

White water in the City!

If you're a white water paddler looking for a local play spot - you've found it.

Surfs, boofs, blasts and tailees.

Chester Weir can do it all.


Paddling Articles

Inflatable vs Hard Shell Kayak? 

Are you looking to purchase your first kayak?

The choice between the stability and versatility of an inflatable, and the performance of a hard shell kayak can be a tough one. Read on to hear our deep dive into the differences.


Water Quality Information

Is it safe to paddle on the River Dee?

If you've been reading the headlines and know there's a problem in the UK with river pollution, you may be wondering if kayaking is a safe activity to do on our rivers. Read our comprehensive information page to inform your decisions.

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