Calm Water Kayaking Trips

Calm water kayaking trips take place on spots on the river that are just that- calm. They all will be centred on the Chester area, based either in, or just south of the town.  Behaviour-wise, we'll take our cue from the group and make your trip as exciting or as relaxing as possible.


The best way to guarantee to get the exact trip style that fits with your ultimate dream is to book out a private trip! Otherwise, open trips are a great way to enjoy a Dee River Kayaking tour, and to socialise with people you may not have met before. 


Dee River Kayaking is based in Chester.  Most trips go from Sandy Lane Car Park in Chester, though certain white water activities take place in Llangollen, North Wales. 


Dee River Kayaking is a trading name of Jamie Greenhalgh Coaching

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Kayaking on Llangollen Canal